Art of Miles, a Sculpture, Painter, Street Artist and an illustrator was born in 1979 in Vibo Valentia attended Academy of Fine Arts of Carrara in Italy under the sculpture department.

Experience with “Third Dimension” took the artist to identify with the visual and technical language of drawing congenial to its own visual experience.

In 2010 Miles had the possibility to confront with Japan, first Tokyo than Hokkaido, further incorporating a new aesthetic appearance into his work. Currently living in Florence where he constantly works in the various disciplines of the Visual Arts.


Synopsis of the work

Relationship between man and animal, what was and what is today, analyzing and drawing the contours of a social phenomenon linked with instinct, which is slowly devoured by the digital monster andĀ false communications, clearly governed by the culture of image. A visual Investigation through the figurative art where the man becomes an animal and vice versa. objectively embodying the rejection of what we really are.